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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Meet the Team

Sara is guided each day by her determination to leave this world a better place than when she came into it. One of her greatest passions and joys in life is travelling the world. Sara came from a business background and has a true entrepreneurial spirit so opening her company was a dream come true. Sara herself is a record holding fundraiser amongst her peers. She is talented, tenacious and draws on her lived experiences to be a strong leader to her team members.


Sara’s long term goals centre around philanthropy and furthering her knowledge in the diversities and cultures around the globe. 

Our Story

Lamar Operations is very proud to work with internationally and nationally recognized non-profit clients. The driving force behind our operation is our dedication to the causes we work with. 

Our people are what make coming to work each day special. We genuinely work with the best people!  

Lamar is proud to offer and hands on training experience to new recruits and plenty of opportunity to advance and grow within our operation. 
Working with us, means you get to feel good about the difference you are making in the world each day. Apply today, we’re waiting for you! 



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